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Station Data Inventory Listings

NOAA/NWS Cooperative Observer Network

Listing contains the NCDC ID, division number, state, county, coop station name, start and end date-year and month, latitude, longitude,and elevation.

Datum Info: NAD83. However, there is no strict verification for each site - we have found some of the older information is NAD27. This is usually distinguished by the lack of seconds in the position. Generally, we post the information we are given and sometimes the datum isn't specified.

Information taken from the NCDC catalog and updated as made available. Updated May 2008

NRCS Snotel Network

Listing contains the NWS Handbook 5 ID, NRCS ID, the station name, elevation, latitude, longitude, starting year and month, observation types, and ending year and month.

Surface Airways Network

Author: Greg Thompson NCAR/RAP
Updated April 2008

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