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Precipitation Maps

PRISM Precipitation Maps: 1961-90

Courtesy of Oregon Climate Service (OCS)     Maps from OCS server     PRISM maps and data

Also see 1981-2010 PRISM Precipatation & Dewpoint Maps

For each option below, click on (*) for a more detailed map (file size may be much larger)

Entire United States

Western States Regional WRCC Maps Regional WRCC Maps:
Percent of Annual
Western US Western U.S. January
Alaska Western U.S. (Oct.-Mar.) February
Arizona (*) Central Rockies March
California (*) Great Basin April
California, Northern Northern Rockies May
California, Southern Pacific Northwest June
Colorado (*) Southern Rockies July
Hawaii (unavailable) Southwest August
Idaho (*) Desert SW, Scale 1 September
Montana (*) Desert SW, Scale 2 October
New Mexico (*) Hawaii Island November
Nevada (*) Kauai Island December
Oregon (*) Maui Island April-June
Utah (*) Molokai & Lanai Island July-August
Washington (*) Oahu Island October-March
Wyoming (*)    

Non-regional WRCC maps produced by Oregon Climate Service (OCS) and National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)

Regional WRCC maps produced by WRCC from PRISM data set provided by Oregon Climate Service (OCS)

Published Articles

C. Daly, R.P. Neilson, and D.L. Phillips, 1994. A statistical-topographic model for mapping climatological precipitation over mountainous terrain. J. Appl. Meteor., 33(2), 140-158.

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