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The FPA Historical weather data delivery system provides a way to download fire weather data in formats designed for fire weather software (e.g., FireFamily Plus, PCHA). There are two types of historical weather data currently available: historical RAWS data and 32-km gridded data based upon the North American Regional Reanalysis (NARR) data. Making a data request is straightforward for either data set. Simply follow the links and directions below!

Historical RAWS Data

RAWS weather station The FPA RAWS historical data delivery system provides data in either the fwx or fw9 formats. Downloaded data is a compilation of actual historical RAWS in addition to estimated data statistically derived from the NARR. With your data request, you will also receive information on the percentage of originally missing or erroneous data for each requested RAWS station, along with the station's metadata. Data will be posted on an FTP site, and you will receive and email when the requested data is available. An approximation of the time the request will take is provided once the request is submitted.

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* This data requires PCHA version 1.2.31 Patch 1f or later or FireFamily Plus version 3.0.5 or later.

Download RAWS data

Historical Gridded Data

gridded map example The FPA gridded historical weather data delivery system provides data in the fwx format for grid cell locations at a 32-km spatial resolution across North America. This dataset consists entirely of data from the NARR dataset. Your data request will begin by identifying a latitude and longitude coordinate nearest to the grid point of available data. A navigational map is provided for your assistance. Data is downloaded directly to your computer. Each grid point data request takes less than 20 seconds to process.

The FPA gridded dataset has been updated with new values as of Mar 25, 2008. Please replace the previous version.

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It is critical to review the readme file prior to use of these data.

Download gridded data