Information on the Nevada Climate Tracker

Although there exists clear indication of changes in the global surface temperature, the regional manifestation of climate change is not well quantified at the present time.  Driven by the interests of the governmental, economic, and scientific communities it is pertinent to develop an objective method to define and monitor climate specific to the state of Nevada.


Monthly gridded data from the PRISM database, are used to assess climate across the state.  The primary variables that are considered in this process are monthly average mean temperatures and monthly precipitation totals.  We consider climate extending back to January of 1895. Although no effort is taken to adjust for impacts of urbanization, the statewide values as used in this analysis consider the areal average of the state, thereby giving very little weight to the few urbanized areas of Nevada.


Statewide time series are produced each month.  Preliminary products for the last available month will be updated by 10th of each month once the PRISM dataset is updated.  Data from up to six months ago is considered provisional, as data continues to filter in and undergoes quality control procedures.