Description The anemometer loan program will be used to verify/establish the wind resource potential of Nevada and verify the wind mapping effort of TrueWind Solutions that is being done for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the State of Nevada. The intent of the Nevada State Office of Energy (NSOE) is to subcontract this activity to a group to administer the program with the NSOE acting in an oversight capacity. The anemometers will be anticipated to provide at least 12 months of data at a location. The anemometers are NRG Systems NOW Wind Explorer units on 20- meter towers. These are the same systems that are used in the NREL anemometer loan program for Native Americans.


Anemometer Partners The partners in the program should be as follows:

        City or County government

        Not-for-profit groups

        Other government agencies

        Private individuals

        Small wind developers

The partners will be responsible for installing the anemometer and tower, collecting data (trained individuals are available to assist), secure permits as required, secure permission from private individuals and secure liability waivers.


Location Criteria Criteria to be considered in selecting an anemometer site should be:

        Near an existing distribution or transmission line.

        Have road access.

        Be in a perceived windy area.

Data received from the anemometer will be made public and will be accessible on a web site. The data will be integrated with other available data such as the National Weather Service, Community Monitoring System, Weather net, The Western Regional Climate Center, Nevada Department of Transportation, etc. The data will also be used to verify/create wind resource maps for the State of Nevada. The GIS/GPS location of the anemometer as well as tower height will be some of the required data for each approved site. Locations of anemometer towers shall be no closer than 10 feet plus the tower height from a power distribution line and shall meet OSHA and the National Electric Safety Code.


Selection Criteria The criteria used in prioritizing or selecting sites for anemometers will be as follows:

        Located in an area where there is no wind data available.

        Proximity to an existing power distribution intertie.

        Data could support economic development.

        Located in an area where data verification is needed.