Western Regional Climate Center

2215 Raggio Parkway
Reno, Nevada 89512
Phone: 775 674-7010
Fax: 775-674-7016
Email: wrcc@dri.edu

Who is the Western Regional Climate Center?

The Western Regional Climate Center, inaugurated in 1986, is one of six regional climate centers in the United States. The regional climate center program is administered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Specific oversight is provided by the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) of the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS).


The mission of the Western Regional Climate Center is to disseminate high quality climate data and information pertaining to the western United States; foster better use of this information in decision-making; conduct applied research related to climate issues; and improve the coordination of climate-related activities at state, regional and national scales.

What kind of climate data do we have and what kinds of request do we get?

You might be surprised. We get a wide variety of calls such as lawyer, media, insurance companies, variety of businesses, teachers and students, Contractors, Forest Service, BLM, State and Local Gov't, individuals who just have a climate related question and much more.

Climate Data Includes, but not limited to: Daily climate observations for digital period of record (6,781 stations, about 2,608 now active), Summarized monthly climate data (5,240 stations), Hourly precipitation data (1,937 stations), Twice-daily upper air soundings (about 50 stations), Surface airways hourly observations (over 1,800 stations nationwide), Remote Automatic Weather Station (RAWS), Historic lightning data (ALDS) thru 1996, Access to Natural Resources Conservation Service SNOTEL and other western databases, 3,000 climate stations on the web for the western states, 200,000+ web pages to choose from.

The WRCC exists to fill several roles:

Serve as a focal point for coordination of applied climate activities in the West Maintain links to other climate programs Conduct applied research on climate issues affecting the West


Dr. Tim Brown


Email: Tim.Brown@dri.edu

Dr. Kelly T. Redmond

Deputy Director / Regional Climatologist

Email: Kelly.Redmond@dri.edu

Gregory D. McCurdy

Climate Applications Programmer

Email: Greg.McCurdy@dri.edu

Dorothy W. Miller

Database / Accounting Manager

Email: Dorothy.Miller@dri.edu

James A. Ashby


Email: Jim.Ashby@dri.edu

Michelle A. Breckner


Email: Michelle.Breckner@dri.edu

Laura M. Edwards

Assistant Research Climatologist

Email: Laura.Edwards@dri.edu

David B. Simeral

Associate Research Meteorologist

Email: David.Simeral@dri.edu

Grant M. Kelly

Assistant Computer Scientist

Email: Grant.Kelly@dri.edu

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