Weather Information

The weather is not constant in Washoe County so what do we do?

Check the Washoe E.T. site once or twice a month to see if you should adjust your timer.
The times will vary with the changing seasons but the watering days and time of day will not change.


Turn on the sprinklers and drip. Check for any leaks or cracks in the hoses. Adjust watering times according to the Washoe ET website and remember to check back periodically.

Late summer and fall

Begin to slowly decreasing your watering time. Grass and plants do not need as much water with the cooler temperatures and shorter daylight hours.

Early and mid summer

This will be the time to water more. Grass and plants need the extra water with the increasing temperatures. Check the Washoe E.T. website and adjust your timer accordingly.

Late fall and early winter

Time to shut down and winterize your irrigation system. Drain the system so the water doesn't freeze and crack the hoses. Also disconnect any hoses connected to the house.


To see the forecast of your area, go to the National Weather Service - Western Region or the
latest observations page through the Western Regional Climate Center located at the Desert Research Institute.

If you would like more tips or have any questions, contact the University of Nevada Coop Extension website or call: 775-784-7070.